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Advertise With Us!

Advertise With Us!

Everyday thousands of families (moms especially) are visiting Hawaii Family Events to discover new and exciting events and activities to do with the family in Hawaii! 

You can be among our elite group of advertisers who reach these thousands of families through our customized advertising plans, tailor made for you and your goals!  

There are several advertising options including:

  • banner ads [large display ads on our website, limited space available]
  • content creation/sponsored posts [blog posts crafted and designed for your business and shared across all social media platforms] 
  • email and social media marketing [highlights your business in our weekly “Bring the Kids: This Week’s Guide” email newsletter sent out every Wednesday morning as well as sponsored Instagram and Facebook posts]
  • location and event spotlights [evergreen post on the website detailing your business or event]
  • Instagram and Facebook live segments [encourage our followers to join us at your event or business as we show our family enjoying it first, LIVE!]
  • coupons and discount codes [offer our readers exclusive discounts]


Family friendly events and activities calendar for things to do in Hawaii with kids.


Each month you’ll receive a detailed report showcasing how your advertising efforts are performing on the site so we can work with you, one-on-one, to ensure you’re getting the most return for your investment!

Contact us today for more info, advertising packages and site statistics!

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